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Re: Question regarding hand position

Alan, thanks for sharing your success and enthusiasm with your buddies. I really appreciate it! Keep up the good work. Soft wrists that allow the club to lag is a critical step in a golfers evolution. Sounds to me like you are getting it!


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On Jul 26, 2011, at 6:54 PM, Alan S wrote:

Thanks very much for the quick reply. I am not sure why it is easier to move into a correct position, but it seems to be. With the irons I hit the ball better when I have the "bent" left wrist at address. My question is, do you also recommend this hand position for the driver?
What I like about the Tour Striker is that one has to find a way to hit the ball correctly (with hands ahead of the clubhead at impact), there just is no other option. It took me about three days to get a feel for the changes I had to make but now I am hitting the ball well with the Tour Striker. I found that a different address position with the wrists, and with more relaxation in the wrists, has allowed my hands to get ahead of the ball at impact and now I also have more of a weight shift to the left foot on the downswing. So far so good.
You might also like to hear that I have been responsible for the purchase of 3 other Tour Strikers. My enthusiasm and showing it to others on the range has resulted in these folks making a purchase.
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Alan, thanks for your note.

I was always taught that it is easier to move into a position that to start in one. Golf is a very dynamic game and we need to stress the shaft. I like to think of the back swing as a loading motion and the loading of the shaft is more like a "buggy whip" than a careful placement of the club at the top.

Impact is a millisecond and is very dynamic and can't really be controlled. We have to free wheel through impact with the right intent on how we use the tool.

Addressing the club with a vertical and bent left wrist (mid-body hands) lets us "swing" the club into a flat left wrist condition and thus create more dynamics and load.

I hope that makes sense and I'm glad you are striking it better!

Martin Chuck, PGA | Inventor - Tour Striker Training Products | Instructor - The Tour Striker Golf Academy at Sunriver Resort | C 541.948.2480 |

On Jul 17, 2011, at 8:22 PM, Alan S wrote:

I have purchased the Tour Striker and have used it on the range a number of times. I am confident that this is a valuable training aid. I am not striking the ball as consistently as I would like with the Tour Striker (5 handicap) but will continue to use it. The one question that have is based upon your comments about hand position in the training video that you have included and also my experience. You note in the video that the correct address position of the hands is a break (cup) of the left wrist and a straight right wrist. I have started to do this and so far it seems to have improved my impact consistency. This has surprised me somewhat      because I have always thought that at address a flatter left wrist and a bent (cupped) right wrist would be closer to the impact position and therefore would be preferable because all one has to do at impact is to feel like you are returning to the address position.
If you have a couple of minutes would you please send me an email explaining why it is preferable to have the left wrist bent and the right wrist straight at impact? 
Thanks very much. I also plan to purchase a Tour Striker 5 Pro as soon as you have it in stock.

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