Saturday, July 23, 2011

Re: Tour Striker Advice

Hi Jeff, thanks for buying the TS. You are the "educated picker." You have good hand eye coordination and use it. GREAT for juggling, but not the best for golf.

Keep using the club. You'll have a breakthrough with it. Start with 9 to 3 swings with soft wrists and touch the ground with the leading edge closer to the ground at impact than you had at address.

You'll be striping it in no time!

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On Jul 23, 2011, at 5:09 PM, Jeffrey M wrote:

> Hello,
> I just received my Tour Striker Pro today and promptly went to the range. I hit about 120 balls with it and only about 10 were hit in the air; and those were not hit very solidly. I'm a decent golfer (low to mid 80's), but I've always had issues hitting solid irons...I'm a turf-picker. Also, lately, I've been hitting nearly all of my iron shots off the toe, even with multiple adjustments. I know it's a swing path issue, and I was hoping the TS would help solve that issue. I've never had a lesson and don't really want to, but I enjoy practicing and like the concept of the TS and the fact that I can teach myself. From what I have read about the TS, I know that it can take time to master, and I'm willing to put in that time. I'd just like to know if it's likely that I will figure this club out on my own with more practice, or if I have to do something else. Thanks for you help.
> Jeff


  1. I have been playing for three years. I quickly got into a set of hybrids in order to struggle less and have really enjoyed the game since. My iron playing friends give me grief all the time but I like the clubs. Anyway, I am really trying to work on my impact and just bought the TS 8 iron. Am I up against a bigger challenge using the TS due to having used hybrids for so long? I did hit it yesterday briefly and got some balls in the air but not well. I did not expect any kind of miracle, but would appreciate any comments you may have as I am not used to irons at all. . . Thanks.


  2. If you are serious about improving, you have got to find a good pro. The TS is awesome, but only the truly gifted can figure out this game alone. I got to a seven handicap on my own. I am sorry to report, it took me 7 years to unlearn all the crap. Do your self a favor, forgo new clubs for a few years and spend that money on lessons. You'll be glad you did.