Sunday, July 17, 2011

Re: Tour Striker - Thank You

JB, sorry for the delay.

The face has a huge impact on swing path. Guy who get to the top with an open face quickly realize that an on plane path will hit the ball to the right, so they come over the top to help hit it straighter. Some open face guys can square it up on the way down and use a neutral path.

Same goes for closed face guys; they get swinging it too much inside out and and shallow. They need to feel like they can get OTT.

Regarding deep divots; you are likely a little steep and have an outside in path. Roll up a bath towel and use it as a towel plane board. Set it parallel to your path, but just barely off the heel of your club. Hit some balls and see if you don't hit the towel after impact. I get a little steep too.

Outside in paths = deep divots. Inside out = shallow divots

Thanks for the kind words and support!

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On Jun 16, 2011, at 6:15 AM, Jonathan Bwrote:

I bought a tour striker last year and it has really improved my contact.  It has to be the best training aid ever developed.  No frills, nothing based on junk science to get you more "on plane," just something that makes you hit the sweet spot.  I don't hit the ball straight all the time, but at least it's in the middle of the face which is half the battle.  I'm thinking about getting a TS 56 to help me out with pitches.  Anyway, a couple of things I'd like to hear about are:
1. Why the clubface orientation has anything to do with coming over the top.  I know it does because so many guys have been fixed by getting the clubface right at the top, but I don't understand why it has such a huge effect on path.
2.  What can be done to stop getting those huge, deep divots on iron shots!  I've been a walking scorer at a few tour events and have noticed the pros all have these nice, LONG, shallow divots when they hit an iron.  My divots are shorter and deep and I'd like to get some direction on shallowing out so that I can get just enough downward strike to hit the ball well.
At any rate, thanks for a great product and for being so responsive to your customers.  I've read the tour striker blog here and there and I'm impressed with the way you get back to your customers with swing issues, whether they are related to your product or not.  Keep up the great work.  I wish you a lot of success.
Thanks, JB

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