Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Thank you! I'm a 13 index. Playing for a little over two years, in love with the game. I've been taking lessons and improving steadily, but solid contact comes and goes. I bought the Tour Striker Pro 7i, feeling pretty sure it would help. I watched the video. None of the bare info was super-new to me as my teacher says many of the same things, but (and I was a writing teacher for many years, so I can really appreciate this) the way you said it, hit home. Especially the grape image. I went to the range. I was able to hit the ball with the TSP pretty crisply right away, and then it started to get away from me. Typical.

Then I remembered the grape image. My swing suddenly got very solid. Switched to my own 7 iron, and thwacked it like I never have before, much higher on the face than I usually do. It was frikkin awesome, but that was just the beginning of the best practice session I've ever had.

I started working on my wedges, defining distances from... more

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