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RE: tour striker club

Hi Dave,

Sorry for the long delay. Playing a ton of E-mail catch up.

First we don't compress the ball into the ground. That is a myth. We want to hit the ball with the longest lever our body will allow. To do that, a golfer has to have the right intent with the tool in hand. The intent of most players is to try and elevate the ball and thereby destroying maximum leverage at the moment of truth: impact.

So...the Tour Striker helps create the right intent for the golfer; a forward leaning shaft (4*) with a downward strike (4*). All good players have some element of lean and downward strike with balls played off the ground.

Divots are a function of the right intent and are partly due to the golf ball. I don't want people pounding down on the ball. The ball helps to deflect the club INTO the ground when the club is swung with the right intent. If someone is "picking" at the ball, then the clubs orbit has already been established and the ball can't help create the divot.

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Interested in the club after seeing Gary McCord and your info commercial. I understand the purpose of the club and the effects of promoting proper impact position of the hands and club. My question to you is..if practice with this club is to be on very tight lies (low mown grass, hard mat or even a board) how does this promote true downward compresion of the ball with a following divot? I see within the commercial and also video's on Youtube the ball seems to more picked off the surface than compressed into and thru. Can one use this club in the manner attended and make quality following divots?

Thank You for you time,
Traditional golfer Dave Stegall

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