Monday, October 11, 2010

Tour Striker Success in Brazil

Dear Carlos,


Thanks so much for taking the time to  write me a note. I really appreciate it. I’m thrilled that the TS clubs are helping you with your game. It’s nice to know that the TS has made it down to Brazil!! We have the clubs pretty much in all corners of the World now and that is rather fulfilling.


Take care and keep me up on your progress,




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Tetherow Golf Course Preview


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From: Carlos A
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Subject: Tks God and you guys

Tks God for you guys!!!!

My first month with this incridieble T Strlker ( #8 )

First time in the driving range I thought that the TS is another fake product

First 20 balls and wanted to throw it into the lake to the crocs

Then i remembered wat you said in the dvd... or a the web ... or in the testimonials...

"Pay attention, keep it easy and let the club do the work for you" or something like that


After 9 years playing golf , now I can understand how to hit easy and consistent shots.

Still had some bad ones....  but now I know why !!!

I'm not worry about  scores but they are improooooving a lot ( last sunday played  82 for the first time  this year )

Any golfers... You MUST have this if you want to have fun again in Golf

Sorry 'bout my english

Tks again

I live in Sao Paulo,Brazil



Carlos Alfredo de  Carvalho
Rádio  Jovem Pan AM - 620KHz
Av. Paulista nº 807 - 20º andar 

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