Monday, October 4, 2010

RE: thank you.....

Michael, glad to help! Keep up the good work.


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Thank you so much for your reply! My PGA instructor just praises your Tour

And my PGA instructor spent some time with me that past weekend working on
that issue with my Driver as he said just about the same thing.

I will try to get that video to you as well. I just LOVE having the Tour
Striker b/c it really tell you the truth about your swing. I think that I
will practice with it alternating shots between the TS any my clubs.

Take care..... and I appreciate your emails so much.


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Hi Michael,

Again, thanks for the note.

Stance: your narrow stance is just fine. The stance will tend to widen as
you select longer clubs. Some great players have played with a very narrow
stance, even with the Driver.

I'm sorry to hear about your back issues. That is no fun at all. My old
mentor, George Knudson, warned against any type of "reverse C" finish. He
always wanted students to relax to full height onto their left side while
fully facing the target. No spine curvature to be "held." The ball is gone,
so relax into a manageable and comfortable position.

Regarding your driver: the slice is a club face issue first and a path issue
The "inside" takeaway means very little to what actually happens at the
ball. Be very careful as to how much you rotate your left forearm. Slicers
often rotate their left forearm too much (clockwise) during their backswing
and cup their left wrist.

If you have the opportunity, please send me a video of your driver swing and
I'll take a look.



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Dear Martin,

Please let me express my gratitude to you for creating the "TOUR STRIKER"!

As I am taking lessons from the PGA PROFESSIONAL AT THE WORLD GOLFING
VILLAGE IN St. Augustine, Florida, these professional where very impressed
by your club design. And to say the least and the if someone purchases this
club you have to be committed to the work required as it is not easy to
transform a swing that is 30 years plus old.

So, my wife went back to Brazil to visit her family for a couple of months
and I had the opportunity to take some lessons from these really great guys
at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine. So, there was your info
commercial and so I had to throw the cash at this product, sold!!!

My work with my swing started out with a much narrow stance that what you
show on your DVD. And my clubs which are customized are 1 ½ inch longer
than normal. And trying to hit these club with a wider stance is like a
real problem for me and this is also true working with the "Pro Tour
Striker" (a seven iron which is 1 inch longer) that I order from you. My
question is what it your opinion concerning a narrow stance? Essentially,
the outside of my feet are in side of my shoulders OR just about where my
arm pits are. Understand.......? Now, I have a lower back problem if I can
spell it correctly called "Spinal Stenosis"

which affects the lower back. So, ever since my diagnosis I have been
sensitive and wonder to myself how much longer can I play this game b/c I am
only 54.

So, the clubmaker who made these gave me longer shafts for a shorter
swing!!!! He knew about my back problem.

Yesterday, I spoke with your wife, Stacey, and she was so kind and gave me
your e-mail address and phone number. My question which she answered was if
there was is there "Driver" from Tour Striker and b/c all of the models on
the website where irons. The only difference is the ball position for the

I was having a problem in "dialing in my driver".

Solutions don't come easy and many of my friends tell me that I can't spend
my life on the practice tee on the driving range. I am really trying to
work at it or on it. If I bring my club back on the inside seems like I
tend to slice it with my driver which is different from my irons. One day
perhaps, I figure this out hopefully before my wife comes home from Rio de
Janerio in Brazil.

I wish you much success and good fortune. I told your wife that I would get
all of my questions together after watching the DVD (WHICH I HAVE FOR THE
SIX TIME) and send you an e-mail........

Take care.


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