Monday, March 21, 2011

FW: I'm Sure Mr. Knudson would be proud

Hello Randy,

Thanks for the kind note. I appreciate it a lot! I was very lucky to be in the position to spend so much time with George. He was a great guy. I'm glad that my respect and admiration showed in the video. Thank you for buying it. I appreciate your support. If you get to Bend, be sure to pop by Tetherow to say hello.


Martin Chuck, PGA 

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Subject: I'm Sure Mr. Knudson would be proud

As a teacher I know there is no greater respect that can be presented than the kind words of a past student  I have always been a fan of George Knudson and bought your video the moment I found it on the Internet. I have several of Mr. Knudson's videos and books and always enjoy a chance to learn more about him and his teachings.  Not only did your video prove to be a help for this 49 year old teacher but the kindness and attention you directed towards Mr. Knudson and his method was very heart warming for this school teacher to see.  I know Mr. Knudson would have felt blessed as I know any teacher would be when a student shows such kindness towards them. I wish you the very best and simply wanted to tell you that what you have done has not been not unnoticed and wish to say," Well Done".

Sincerely Yours,

Randy W

Salem. Oregon

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