Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RE: TS 7x--couple of questions

Hi Charles,


Thanks for the kind note. I’m glad you like the club. You are about the 100th person to ask about the shaft! It’s a Femco product that best resembles the KBS 90 shaft. I like the stepping and feel of the shaft. While a ton of folks like DG’s, I’ve always been a Precision/Rifle guy. As far as what OEM has a similar feel? It’s really the center of gravity that you like; most companies want it low to help. I want it high, not to help. Evil? Yes, but you are learning how to get the club on the ball correctly now.


I’ve a bit Titleist fan and while I play blades, I would recommend their AP1 or AP2 product with the KBS 90 (S or R, depending on how you load it during transition).


On that note, I’m designing a set of TS clubs that will be available in the Fall or worst case Q1 of 2012.






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Subject: TS 7x--couple of questions


Martin, I just wanted to send a note re my experience with the Tour Striker.  Even though we are still very early in the golf season here, I’ve had the opportunity to practice with the club on the course and it’s GREAT.  I bought the 7x, stock, even though I am a mid-handicapper, and I’ve had fairly good success.  In fact (and this is the reason for my question) when I hit it well, the results in distance and accuracy FAR SURPASS my normal 7 iron (when also hit well).  I game Mizuno MP-29s and although the loft, etc may be slightly different with the TS 7x, it does lead to a couple of questions:

1.      Can you tell me what shaft is in the 7x?  I have s300 in the 29s and I think I prefer the feel of the TS.

2.      I’ve never liked cavity backed clubs—mostly because of feel and looks, although I’m sure I would get better results—but the TS has made me think hard about switching.  If you could say, ____ irons are closest to an OEM model of the Tour Striker, what would it be?

Many thanks.  Congrats again on a great product.

Charles L.

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