Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GolfWrx Discussion - Arms or Body?

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The main point of the thread: conscious roll to square the face: I'm a pretty good striker and I don't consciously think of squaring the face at all. I do, however, feel as though if I hold off the finish a bit I can cut it a wee bit and if I try and lean the shaft a bit more, I will draw in. Just personal feel. Conscious roll during impact tells me that there are some poor grips and perhaps to much "roll" going back.

On the distance/power bits...

IMO, most of the bad country club swings I see are not enough hands and arms and too much body.

The educating of the arms and hands is the most left out thing in golf. Nobody wants to take responsibility for learning the "intricate" motions. Juggling? Pretty intricate motion of the wrists/arm/hands and support from the body. Once you drop a bunch of balls, the hands "learn" how to anticipate and react and it all starts looking pretty good. Same thing for the golf swing.

HBG, you know you can stand on one foot and hit it farther than most of your club golfers or students. Why?

I can hit it 230 or 240 (two bills plus in the air and whatever the ground gives me) with my educated arms/hands and shoulder turn, standing on one foot. Not trying to brag, just sharing some stuff. With two feet on the ground and some pivot to help help drive the arms and hands (pp4) I can hit it 270-300; nothing to write home about. So my hip turn and ground force adds about 20% to my power equation.

With me, it's 80% arms/hands/shoulders and 20% legs and pivot thrust and I don't try and roll anything. I've learned how to do it, so I don't have to think about it. That's what I want for most of you guys.

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  1. Educate the hands... you take care of 85 percent of the ball flight! Frankly it is the only thing that really matters aside from center of gravity. To get better at swinging the golf club the process is: Hands - Feet - Pelvis - Head... in that order.

    Martin is right!