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That is one of the best testimonials ever!! You should get the 7X. You are a practice and will adapt nicely. Sorry for the delayed response, but I’m buried in E-mail lately!


From: John
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 3:45 AM
To: Martin Chuck
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thanks for the note, things get better and better, my driver swing speed has gone up from mid 80's with the occasional low 90's to a consistent 105/107 and a much improved ball flight.

Consistency of strike with my irons is as different as chalk and cheese, and using the Tour Striker wedge has improved my short game and I am getting consistent contact.

Bonus is no more back pain or left elbow pain after practice or play.

Everything seems far more controlled and ordered and I can "feel" what is happening i.e. weight transfer and pressure into my right thigh on take away and for the first time the stretching of the muscle's in the left side of my back , weight transfer onto my left on the down swing and the feel of the club head staying back.

I am in two minds as to order the Pro 7 Iron or the Pro X7 any advice appreciated.

I saw on the web you are about to launch a bit of kit which looked similar to the Swingrite but from the clip I saw seems a lot better, do you have a release date for this yet as I would like to try one.

Believe it or not I have found a health benefit through using the club as well, I am a smoker and I have a mat and a net outside, when I went out for a smoke I would hit a handful of balls. Since practising with the Tour Striker I don't enjoy smoking as much as I do making good club / ball contact so I hit 25 balls and don't bother with the cigarette.

I suppose you could say the club is not only game changing it's life changing.

Many thanks


"Martin Chuck" <>

10/03/2011 19:14


Dear John,
Sincere thanks for the kind note. I’m thrilled that the club has helped you and changed your intent on how you strike the ball. That is awesome!
You will love the TS Pro 7. It is the real test.
Have a great day,
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From: "John
Date: Mar 10, 2011 5:31 AM
Subject: Tourstriker
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Hi Martin

my tour striker arrived in the UK yesterday 10 days after order which is pretty quick

I have practised with the 8 iron for about half an hour and ended 10 years frustration.

After an initial few swings everything appeared to change naturally and I started to make solid contact which was great.

However after a short time I became very aware of a different feel of my swing and for the first time ever I was conscious of what was happening, a revelation.

I then made a fundamental error and arrived at my local range with the club, after a short while my teaching pro arrived watched a few swings and commandeered the club for a "try". The try has become an extended loan and the club is destined to be deployed as a teaching aid with access allowed to myself when ever I want until he can place an order for his own.

Consensus is the club is the armature golfer's equivalent to sliced bread to a sandwich maker.

I look forward to continued improvement and the time I am able to take the next step and order the Pro 5 & 7 Irons.

Many thanks


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