Thursday, March 17, 2011

Question regarding tour sticker applicability to the driver

Dear Bruce,

Great question!

The angle of attack of the driver for the PGA Tour is -1.5 degrees of
downward strike. The Long Drive specialist have an upward strike of up
to 5.0 degrees. There is a big difference on how guys/gals come into the
ball with a driver. The one thing that they all share at this skill
level is that the shaft of the club is still behind the outside plane of
the left arm. So, the club is still trailing the hands at impact. How do
they do this? The spine tilt away from the target is very important.
Some can actually hit up without flipping the club. I actually address
this question in my Continuing Education Servies DVD - Maximizing

The Tour Striker certainly helps a lot with all balls hit off the ground
and it can give you the right feel for striking a shot off a tee where
you have the opportunity to "get under" the ball. You can apply the same
TS feel with a ball on the tee, you have to feel your rotating hips get
closer to the target which will give you the spine tilt to hit up while
maintaining sound impact alignments.

I hope that helps and thanks for the support!

Martin Chuck, PGA

From: bruce
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 8:17 PM
Subject: Question regarding tour sticker applicability to the driver

I can see how the tour striker can help with irons and fairway woods but
what about the driver? Does it help here and if so how. Since you hit
up with the driver and not down like irons I assume you do not use the
forward push on the driver as you would with the other clubs in the bag.
Thanks. Bruce

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