Friday, March 25, 2011

RE: Follow Up - Tour Striker

Hi Rick,

Good point!

People like to aim the face at the target. In reality where the clubface aims at address means nothing. We want the face square during impact. It's okay to have a closed face at address, but most people will manipulate their left arm to get it aiming at the target.

Hope that helps and I'm thrilled you are making progress!!


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Please forgive the email but I have a quick question for you about the grip.

I feel that I am making progress with the Tour Striker and I watched the TS video again recently and paid special attention to the segment dedicated to the grip. You stated, in the video, that after setting up the left hand impact position grip that you return the shaft back to straight and make sure that the club face grooves are straight for the address grip position.

Here's my question:

When you return the shaft back to straight it is naturally going created a somewhat closed face.
I'm guessing that this is the reason for making sure that the club face grooves are straight.
If I attempt to accomplish this by manually opening the face it is naturally going to return to closed on my follow through.

Therefore, are you recommending that the correct way to make sure that the club face grooves are straight is by simply adjusting the club face postion open until it is square and then re-gripping the club?

Forgive the long email and I hope that this was not too confusing.

Thanks for your help and I am determined to continue working until I develop the proper
fundamental swing.


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