Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 1st Round at Augusta - Bombs Away!

I'd be lying to you all if I told you I watched the entire event today. I did tune in over the internet and I was surprised how good the coverage was at I could bounce around and watch different groups. What an age we live in. I guess all "ages" say the same thing.

I was really impressed with Alvaro Quiros. The guy brings back memories of Seve. I was a Seve fanatic as a young golfer. I love the intensity with which he played and I see some of that in Quiros. Not to mention, that the guy can hit the cover off the ball.

The group feature Jonny Vegas, Gary Woodland and Quiros. Bombers all three of them. Hitting the ball far is sexy; plain and simple. I'm not sure if it is the possibility for disaster that makes it so fun or just the jealously I have for that kind of speed? Let's face it; Cory Pavin is an excellent player, but he doesn't get you all fired up. Bombing it is really fun.

Can't wait for tomorrow to see what Rory, et all can do. Tiger? Lurking...

Have a good tournament,

Martin Chuck

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