Friday, April 29, 2011

Where does speed and distance come from?

In this short video, I show where the majority of speed is generated. The pivot is great, but the arms, hands and shoulder bring most of the speed to the table!

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  1. Hi Martin, my name is Ray Whiteside I bought the original Tour Striker back in Jan/Feb 2009. I remember you mentioned I was the first Australian to buy it , hope you have sold many more in Oz now , the reason I am writing to you is that I cannot navigate your blog, nothing is working for me , I am using Safari on my Mac, so that could be a problem ? I was actually looking for the section where you helped me {after I had sent you a video of my swing} and others, perhaps this is not a feature now ? anyway I am happy the Tour Striker is doing well for you, it is a fantastic training aid,
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