Sunday, April 3, 2011

Low Point Question

Martin -
I'm really excited about the changes in your life - including your upcoming academy. I will continue to check for updates.
Do you have time for a free question? (I try to limit myself to one a year.)  The super slow motion TV shots really do show the forward leaning club angle that you preach. I was going to post my question on WRX but there are always a million different answers which can be confusing.
Here goes: is the bottom of the swing arc usually in the same spot for all clubs (or at least all irons) or does it move forward as one goes to the longer irons? IF it is the same then I don't understand why traditional instruction suggests moving the ball forward as you go to these longer irons. If the the bottom of the arc does move then I guess it all makes sense to me. (There is still snow on the ground here so it's tough for me to actually go try this.)
My current efforts are concentrated on hitting the little ball first. Finding the bottom of my natural arc seems like a good first step. Concentrating on the the front (toward target) of the ball or even an inch or two in front of it is an approach I'm considering. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks for your help - you are my go-to guy.
Have you ever been featured on Golf Channel - other than infomericals?
Best regards,
Bob  Dover, MA

Bob, thanks for the question. I'm a fan of playing all STANDARD shots from one ball position. I don't like to "move" the ball back for short irons. Here's why: when you do, you hit down too much and the path tends to me too much inside-out.

So, play those irons off the instep of your left foot and drop your right foot back, as needed, to accomodate for the different length clubs and greater need for stability.

The "low point" will take on different looks as the clubs get longer. It's hard to take an on-plane divot with a three wood. While I still try and hit down on all shots played off the turf, my divots gradually shallower as I go from wedges to long irons. The long irons are more of a sweep with a tiny, shallow divot, if any at all. And, this is "trying" to take a divot (on plane).

Keep the "noise" of your swing in the right place and you'll likely keep the low-point in the right place too. What do I mean by that? The club and left arm shoot naturally seek an alignment in front of your forward foot, after the ball is gone. That is where you will here the maximum "whoosh" of the club cutting through the air. Keep the "noise" at and past your left foot and you'll manage your low-point nicely!


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  1. Martin, I've purchased the 7 iron TS and it is great. Question: sometimes I tend to hook the ball with it. Any advice on how to stop doing this? Many thanks. FA

  2. The forward lean you are leaning with the TS encourages lean and more of an inside out motion. You need to try and get your arms swing more left. While counter intuitive, this will change your club path a little and hopefully minimize the difference from the face and path angles. Thanks, Martin