Friday, September 9, 2011

Re: Impact Zone question

Hi Trey, glad you had fun in your matches. Very cool.

I'm a big fan of BC and his book. The aiming point concept can cause some confusion and trouble though. My preference for "aiming point" is simply to understand that your hands don't return to the same place they began. In most cases, better players start with mid-body hands and their impact hand location is forward of where they started. I don't want my students to "aim" their hands at some forward location as I've found this to be more trouble than good.

Martin Chuck's version of aiming point: eyes on the ball, mind in the hands and periphery on the target side of the ball (future divot). You can look at the ball and anticipate the divot with your peripheral vision. Bam: solid shot. 

At some point the shaft has to line up with the left arm. Some "aiming point" folks take the "aiming" too far and stifle freedom required to play great golf with the longer clubs.

Take care and keep in touch.

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On Sep 9, 2011, at 10:17 AM, Trey wrote:

  • Martin, thanks for turning me on to the "Impact Zone", great book and right up there with my thoughts!  I am reading it again and again and I feel I am the "poster child" for being ball bound.  Could you clear up the aiming point technique for me?  Is he suggesting NOT looking at the ball on the start of the downswing?  I read it as "at the completion of the backswing focus on where the divot WILL be in front of the ball, not the ball".  I like the idea of the mind in the hands instead of the club and or ball but having trouble wrapping my head around not seeing contact.....

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