Thursday, September 1, 2011

Re: "Tour striker"

Hello Mr. Gotcher,

Thanks for your note and sharing your opinion of the product. I'm sorry you don't like the Tour Striker. Please call me personally to arrange the return of the club and your refund.

Take care and thanks for trying the product. Thousands of people have been very satisfied with the product, but you can't win'em all!

Martin Chuck, PGA | Inventor - Tour Striker Training Products | Instructor - The Tour Striker Golf Academy at Sunriver Resort | C 541.948.2480 |

On Sep 1, 2011, at 9:21 PM, wrote:

I have had your club for 2 weeks and wanted to tell you what a ripoff it is. It hasn't help me hit the ball better or anything else it is advertised to do. Hell I might as well bought a good wedge fot that price.
My wife has used it and it hasn't help her much either.
Henry F. Gotcher

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  1. Is this guy for real???? It's the best training aid on the market today. Let's hope his golf is better than his spelling!