Monday, September 5, 2011

Tour Striker Question

Hi Larry,

I hear you are an inside out guy:)

Why do people swing too far inside out?

1. The face is closed
2. The grip is too strong (the face is closed)

Open face players do not swing inside out very often. That shot goes right to right and hits a bunch of houses or corn fields. Better players get the club going too inside out because their strong body move gets the club mass stuck behind them during the downswing. 

Things to look out for:

1. Take a good look at your grip
2. Take a look at what your forearm and wrist are doing during the backswing (are you getting the face closed?)

Simple drills:

1. roll up a big beach towel so you get a "towel roll" and use it as a plane board. Set it parallel to your target line, but only slightly inside the heel of your club. Hit shots and don't hit the towel.

If you are interested in having a video lesson, let me know.


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