Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Re: Tour Striker Question

Hello Chris,

If using the TS hurts, stop!!! I don't want you hitting down so much to where you are hurting yourself.

I have just shot a video for revolutiongolf.com where I talk about being an "educated" picker. Learn how to hit the TS w/out hitting the ground very hard. My preference is that you have a shallow angle of attack WITH forward lean.

Shallow AoA + Forward Lean = Great shots!


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On Sep 12, 2011, at 5:14 PM, Christopher P wrote:

  Been using striker 7x  for 4 months and have some quick questions.  1st)  I have the most success when I think about hitting down with the palm of my right hand facing the ground.   Unfortunately,  the down part has led to alot of sore wrists and sore knees since im driving more forward then usual and striking the ground.  Any advice?  I love your products but really want to avoid any type of injuries or pains from striking down all the time.   Did notice my ball flight has dropped and the contact sounds real flush.. Just a little hesistant about striking the ground alot.

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